What is clumsymate.com?

clumsymate.com is the digital co-trainer for your team sport. Or, in other words: it’s a digital platform that helps you coaching your team better, more efficient, and with brand-new methods. clumsymate.com helps you to keep tracks of players, their performance, of training units and sporting events. Having bits of paper all over the place is a thing of the past. Catapult your training activities right into tomorrow’s world. With clumsymate.com.

How it works:

We suggest, first of all you take a look around here and check things out. clumsymate.com is easy to understand. Using it is a guest will give a first impression. Data privacy is one of our priorities. That’s the reason why some information has been redacted. If you wish to use all functions and features of clumsymate.com, please sign in. In order to do, you will have to get registered first. You can easily do so through your Facebook or Google account. Registration is of course free. Once you have signed in, you can access all data and information of the clubs you are member of.


Then let’s get started. clumsymate.com has an easily understandable, intuitive structure. Here are some tips on how to get along quickly:

  • First of all, make sure you have selected the right language settings and sports (fig. 1, no. 1).
  • Each page provides a navigation bar (fig. 1, no. 2), the menu bar (fig. 1, no. 3), the "breadcrumb trail" (fig. 1, no. 4), and the action bar (fig. 1, no. 5).
  • Clicking or tapping on one of the menu items will show a list of all items comprised by the respective sports and language. To see more details related to that item, just select it by mouse click or tapping. Depending on the respective account type and membership, your data will be shown encrypted or not.
Fig. 1

How to create a club or become a member

Maybe your team already uses clumsymate.com? You can easily find out: just make use of the search function (fig. 2, no. 1). Got a match? Great! Now check out which “roles” your club has defined for you. Just take a look at your profile (fig. 2, no. 3 and fig. 3, no. 1). To learn more about the respective roles’ authorizations, please click here. If you club does already exist but you have not been assigned any role yet, please contact your club’s administrator. He or she can define your function as coach or player and you can get going.


Fig. 2
Fig. 3

The roles

Clubs creator: the highest authorization level - this role can invite new members and create profiles for teams, coaches and players.

Coach: this role is authorized to create new players, edit its own data, and design and create new exercises, training plans and schedules, and sporting events like competitions or matches.

Player: unless you have been defined as Scorer, you are authorized to access your club’s data and information.

How to invite new members

Being the club’s creator, you can invite new coaches and players using the "Invitations" button in the action bar (fig. 4, no. 1). You have two options:

1) The easiest method is to send your members the link you find under “Invitation Link” (fig. 5, no. 1). In order to do so, click the “Copy” button. The link is thus copied to your clipboard and can be entered in Whatsapp-messages or e-mails. Once the recipient clicks the link, all essential information is directly retrieved from Facebook or the Google profile. The new member will then automatically be verified and created.

2) New members can also be created manually. This is particularly useful if e.g. players do not want to become members of clumsymate.com (which would be a pity, though). However, you can still incorporate team members who do not use clumsymate.com with your statistics and training preferences by using this approach (please refer to “How to Create Members Manually”). Of course, manually added members can be turned into clumsymate.com-members at any time. In order to do so, just send them the link as described above.

If you wish to delete members or deny their access, just click the red “X” in their profile (fig. 5, no. 3).

  • Create/Change: Clubsowner
Club statistics
Fig. 4
Fig. 5

How to create a team

It is most simple to create your own team: first of all, invite your team’s members on clumsymate.com or add players manually. Then click “Add Team” in the action bar. (fig. 7, no. 1). The boxes “Coach” and “Assistant” serve to define these roles for your team members. However, please note that Coaches and Assistants have to be approved by the team’s creator first. Important: for each training season, a new team has to be created. That’s due to several reasons. The first is that this enables clumsymate.com to compile and display the latest statistics for each season for you. The second is that experience shows that most teams change with the beginning of a new season. And third: the aforesaid also applies to coaches and co-trainers. clumsymate.com thus facilitates a new start with each season. But don’t you worry: previously collected information about players and coaches won’t get lost. You just have to set up a new team.

  • Create/Change: Clubsowner and coaches
  • Read: Club members
Team members
Fig. 7
Fig. 8

How to design exercises and share them

Being a coach, you may design your own exercises for your team sport and share them with others (fig. 9, no. 1). Each exercise is given a name (fig. 9, no. 3) and completed by a description (fig. 9, no. 4), key words (fig. 9, no. 5) and graphics (fig. 9, no. 2). All registered users can view, try, and rate your exercises (fig. 9, no. 6). A graphic tool serves to create and edit your exercise. The respective sketch will help you and everybody else to understand the respective exercise at first glance. And this is how you use it: click on the image while being in the editing mode (fig. 10, no.1). A window providing the so-called Editor will pop up immediately (fig. 10, no. 2). The Editor is most understandably structured. On the left side, you will find a toolbar (fig. 10, no. 3). Just click on the icon representing the tool you wish to use. You can thus easily illustrate your exercise by text, lines, icons or background images (fig. 10, no. 4). By the way: the color of lines and text is customizable (fig. 10, no. 5).

  • Create/Change: Clubsowner and coaches
  • Read: Club members
Fig. 9
Exercise editor
Fig. 10

How to design your training

clumsymate.com makes your training easier. You can put exercises together to form training units and even incorporate exercises designed by other coaches. The more sports teams make use of our app the more you will benefit from it, too. We’d thus highly appreciate you recommending us to others! And this is how you can design your training: click “Add Training”. Then select a team (fig. 11, no. 1) and a date for the training (fig. 11, no. 1). Now your digital co-trainer will automatically compile an attendance list of your players, which can easily be edited (fig. 11, no. 4). The “Add Exercise” button serves to compile customized training units that comprise various exercises (fig. 11, no. 3). A window will pop up and allow you to search for exercises by text (fig. 12, no. 1) or category (fig. 12, no. 2). You will be provided with a list of exercises that can be incorporated with your current training by clicking the "Select" button (fig. 12, no. 3).

  • Create/Change: Clubsowner and coaches
  • Read: Club members
Fig. 11
Fig. 12

How to create competitions and games

Clicking “Add game” serves to create a new match or competition. Once a team has been selected (fig. 13, no. 1), you can add the players who participate in it (fig. 13, no. 2) as well as specific events (fig. 13, no. 3 and fig. 14) like goals, yellow cards, time penalties, etc. The information entered will then automatically be incorporated with the statistics.

  • Create/Change: Clubsowner and coaches
  • Read: Club members
Fig. 13
Fig. 14